Canadian Dollar Stronger than US Dollar!?!

What is going on with the US dollar. It’s worth less than toilet paper. Even worse, it is worth less than the Canadian dollar! Has the entire US economy collapsed? Has the second Great Depression begun? What’s going on?

Let’s hear some comments from the States.

3 responses to “Canadian Dollar Stronger than US Dollar!?!”

  1. avatar ranjau says:

    Shit happened! It began in the year 2000.

  2. avatar Beverly says:

    Canada is kicking our butt. Well, they’re also saving our ass. Canada let us borrow one of their Martin Mars water bombers to help us put out the fires raging here in San Diego this week. Seems we don’t have the money for such resources. Hmmm…

  3. avatar myeurop says:

    Tony, the thing with the US dollar began a while ago, and it’s just getting worse by the minute. Untill now, the “liberation war” in Iraq has reached a total cost of $463,300,045,592.
    Throughout human history, whenever a country was at war, its people were required to make sacrifices, to cover the costs. But in the U.S…people still maintain an almost unchanged lifestyle, and they live on borrowed money. The whole country has lived on borrowed money ever since WB came to power. He squandered the surplace that Clinton had managed to create. For this and other reasons the US dollar has gone banana..and it will fall even further into an abyss of idiocy, mismanagement and political ineptitude brought about by the overarching warmongering philosophy of this country’s leadership ( or lack thereof)AMEN (-:

    As I watch the news from SoCal, I cannot avoid thinking of your family in San Diego, and of the fact that you and Thomas once lived there. I hope your relatives are doing well and that they had not suffered any losses in the fires that are engulfing the area. My thoughts go out to them, and to you Tony and Thomas. Hugs

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