Bodacious TATAs

Indians love their TATAs. Throughout the developing world, the national car of India is big business. Until recently, most of that business was focused on the huge TATA trucks used for hauling big loads on some of the world’s worst roads.

But starting this summer, TATA is reshaping itself with the release of the TATA Nano. Heralded throughout India as the one lakh car (see article on lakh), the slimmed down version of the ultra compact Nano, which retails for around $2000, will make the dream of owning an automobile reality for many middle-class Indians. To many Indians, the introduction of the “common man’s car” represents a huge step forward for India and a shortening of the gap between India and the West.

But anyone who has visited India will immediately recognize a HUGE problem with the introduction of an inexpensive car. India’s roads, especially in the urban areas, are already clogged beyond comprehension. In a nation of 1.3 billion people, a “common man’s car” represents every man’s environmental nightmare.

Such fears are heightened by the fact that cost cutting measures mean that the Nano will be less than environmentally friendly to begin with, not to mention rather unsafe to drive. (Reports suggest that parts of the Nano are glued rather than welded and that the steering column is hollow. Yikes!)

So for those of you who thought the pollution and the traffic couldn’t get any worse – just wait – it’s only just begun. And as the West’s automobile-loving cultures are looking for ways to reduce their dependence on cars, the East is dreaming of a world filled with freeways and traffic jams.

2 responses to “Bodacious TATAs”

  1. avatar carrieannmarco says:

    Everyone wants something they cannot have. Plus, India has not created anything sustainable in centuries, have they? I hope this will end as quickly as the YUGO did in the 80’s. It is sad to think of how proud people will be to save and spend that 2000 dollars only to own additional problems and risks. Such a pity once again. 🙁
    By the way…Evelyn was at my house yesterday! It was SUPER to see her and Mickey. We talked about you and miss you! xoxo

  2. avatar Vikrant Sharma says:

    Hmm @carrieannmarco
    Well its not the first time India is being underestimated, i guess the west forgets very fast that this oldest civilization of the world had taught once nomads called Americans the art of civilization. What we can do is beyond your imagination, i guess u are aware about the 1:30 IQ ratio concept.
    We donot believe in showoff like you, its just we are down to earth even after giving the greatest wisdom and knowledge to the world, be it medicine, mathematics or sociology.

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