Black Sands of Balian Beach

The black sands of Balian beach are pure art!

Who says white-sand beaches are the best?

6 responses to “Black Sands of Balian Beach”

  1. avatar Leonie says:

    How beautiful! Does the sand get hotter in the sun than regular sand?

  2. avatar Tony says:

    Yes, the sand can get REALLY hot as in fry-your-feet hot. But Bali was quite cool (24C) while we were in Balian with mixed clouds so the warm black sand was usually a blessing. But those sunny days… ouch!

  3. avatar philip keu says:

    hi Tony, may i know where is this beach?

  4. avatar syazni says:

    Hi,I am heading to Bali this september and i am falling in love with your pictures of that stunning black sand beach.May i know what should i tell the driver to get to your exact location of that beach?

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Hi Syazni,

      The beach is in western Bali. If you tell the taxi driver to take you to Balian Beach, I’m sure he will know. There is a small beach community with hotels and restaurants and miles of unspoilt beaches. Have fun!

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