Biking Bagan

Bagan will certainly be the highlight of our trip to Myanmar! Visitors can explore the ancient city by car, foot, horse cart, ox cart, or hot air balloon. But the best way to get away from everyone and see the remotest temples and ruins is by bicycle.

We’ve spent several days straining our leg muscles – and it’s so worth it. Watch Bagan through our eyes and see the temple city come alive.

2 responses to “Biking Bagan”

  1. All I can say is: FUN!

    Bagan is exactly the kind of place I enjoy most when traveling. What a rare combination of off-the-beaten-track, yet easily accessible. No noticeable admissions fees; independence; harmless happy children; beautiful handicrafts; mysterious holes to climb into; BATS!

  2. avatar Thomas says:

    Actually, there’s a $10 admission fee for the whole area. We stepped off the ferry and were led over to a booth where we had to pay the fee. The site is not enclosed and nobody really checks it, but because there are few ways to reach Bagan, they just charge you when you arrive. It’s a one-time fee and lasts for the duration of the stay. But as there are over 2000 temples, they obviously don’t check tickets while you are out exploring the area.

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