Best North American Cities for Digital Nomads

Working and Traveling

If you have a passion for exploring and traveling to new destinations, you’re probably into the idea of working remotely. In a recent survey by the International Workplace Group, 74 percent of respondents viewed flexible work as the “new normal”, making restrictive workplace policies a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a new city to call your temporary home, here are our top five suggestions in North America that cater to your caffeine, dining, and coworking needs:

San Francisco

San Francisco has a little bit of everything. From its scenic sunset views to its dynamic dining scene, it’s a great place to visit and work. If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a cold brew or espresso to keep you energized during the day, you’re in luck. Eater’s comprehensive list of the 21 best coffee shops in this city has you covered. On the list is Sightglass Coffee’s airy SoMA location, with “ample seating, and an affogato bar serving Portland’s Salt & Straw ice cream on the mezzanine.” After work, you can grab a nightcap and relax in popular hangouts such as Church Key, The Alembic, and Clock Bar.

New York City

As the city that never sleeps, New York City offers the best cultural attractions for restless nomads. Ethel’s Club, for instance, offers a coworking space for people of color in Brooklyn, joining the ranks of highly inclusive coworking communities such as =SPACE in New Jersey. It also offers a variety of programs that range from zine-making to film screenings to deep dives on colorism. Over the weekend, consider visiting NYC’s jaw-dropping museums, the most notable being The Metropolitan Museum of Art and its over 2 million historical artifacts.


Miami is renowned for its great coffee, and it has built up quite a rich coffee culture over the years. From a work perspective, the co-working culture in Miami has grown significantly over the years. The coworking spaces in Miami launched by Industrious underscore the city’s robust and diverse economy, one driven by over 1,000 multinational corporations. These co-working spaces also provide a modern and highly productive experience for ambitious travelers and remote workers. Miami’s emergence, in turn, has helped turn the state of Florida into a destination perfect for digital nomads.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ vibe is for ambitious trendsetters and for those who are young at heart. Recently, Forbes reported how the coworking space Blackbird, which is geared towards women of color, opened up in Los Angeles. It also offers sound booths, galleries, private offices, and rehearsing rooms to fulfill the needs of a variety of creatives. For all your hard work, you’ll need to treat yourself from time to time. Fortunately for you, L.A. has many first-class dining options, notably Gjusta and Rossoblu.


Known for having the very first Starbucks, Seattle is a melting pot of various cultures and cuisines. If you’re looking for somewhere to work and play, Seattle Bouldering Project is the place for you. The indoor space is filled with teal-colored walls and holds, allowing you to climb and hang without needing any ropes or harnesses. It also includes a co-working space that’s open to non-members and a coffee shop/bar when you’re in need of some caffeine. If you’re serious about coffee, then you’re in the right city. The city that birthed Starbucks also boasts Bedlam Coffee with its rich and complex espresso, along with Caffe Umbria, Victrola Cafe, and Tougo Coffee. Whether you’re a freelance writer, a photographer, or a graphic designer, being a digital nomad comes with a ton of freedom, so enjoy your travels and go and seek your next cup of wonderful coffee!


Tennesee’s capital city is another destination that is favored by digital nomads and freelancers looking to find a place where their creativity and passion can thrive. This is due to the simple fact that no matter what industry you work in, Nashville has something to offer. There are also plenty of co-working spaces that you could hire should you wish to work in an office during your trip.

Furthermore, whenever you’ve felt as though you’ve earned a break from your desk, there are hundreds of things to do in Nashville – whether that means you pop in for a visit at the world-famous County Museum or spend some time getting up close and personal with nature by exploring one of Nashville’s many parks or green spaces. If the last thing you want to do after a busy day of work is visit crowded tourist hotspots, there are also plenty of activities you can participate in that stray of the beaten path – and will allow you to experience something truly unique and memorable during your trip. Sometimes, you don’t even have to seek out amazing adventures – they find you!

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