Bar Hopping

Hanoi is full of cool, cutting edge, trendy little bars and cafes that can stand up to those in any world capital. Less pretentious and better value than similar establishments in other major cities, it’s no wonder Hanoi attracts travelers in droves. And believe me, they are here in droves!

After making some fantastic new friends on our Halong Bay trip, we were motivated to get out there and explore Hanoi’s bar scene a little. Clearly, Hanoi has what it takes to be a trend-setter. And the world is figuring that out very quickly. Over the sound of clinking glasses, toasts can be heard in every language from French to Japanese to Russian to Turkish. Hanoi is the hottest place in Southeast Asia right now (and I’m not just talking temperature.)

Unfortunately for those who love to stay up all night, the government restricts how late things can stay open, so start early and pretend you’re Cinderella.

2 responses to “Bar Hopping”

  1. avatar Gerd says:

    hmmm, i am pretty sure that at least Thomas is far to old to do bar hopping……
    or do you talk about salatbars?

    • avatar Thomas says:

      Excuse me…

      I don’t think there’s an official age when bar hopping needs to stop. There certainly isn’t in Hanoi. And by the way, Gerd, it’s really not how old you are or how old you feel, but how old you look. And everyone knows, I don’t look a day older than 28! 🙂

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