Bangkok Pictorial

As we soar off into the sunset, we thought we should take one last look back at our home away from home, Bangkok. Although the city may have a rather questionable reputation for some, we love Bangkok with its glistening temples, markets full of street food, funky back-alleys, super-glam malls crowded with trendy teens, spontaneous street concerts, crazy weekend events, mammoth Buddhas, and festivals, festivals, festivals.

To celebrate our home in Southeast Asia, we’ve finally put together a pictorial of Thailand’s bustling capital.

2 responses to “Bangkok Pictorial”

  1. where’d my comment go? I love you anyway and I love this pictorial.

  2. avatar Tony says:

    You left your first comment on the pictorial page itself.

    When we put up a pictorial, we have the permanent pictorial page and the post introducing it, so there are actually two pages.

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