Bali Tattoo Warnings

Travelers to Bali who see their trip as the perfect opportunity to get that tattoo they’ve always dreamed of might want to think twice. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that an Australian appears to have “contracted HIV after getting a tattoo in Bali.”

However this particular incident pans out, we have encountered numerous travelers, including one we met in Bali, who have gotten severe infections from tattoos or piercings they have gotten on the road. It still always surprises us that anyone would be looking for discount body art in the developing world, but it seems to be an increasing trend. Take it from the cheapest of cheapos, there are some things you DON’T want a discount on.

3 responses to “Bali Tattoo Warnings”

  1. avatar rhys says:

    This really get to me cuz i have tattoos all done in bali and so have most of my family and friends here and i have friend that are tatto artist roy being on of them.not once have i ever heard of this happen. The ABC is full of it it just an other way of try to black mail bali. what i would like to know who is this persone and what studio did they get there tattoo done in and if this person dose exist did he have unprotected sex at any time of hi trip in bali? Can the ABC answer these question and make it my clear to us because this just sound like gossip turned into new.

    • avatar Tony says:

      I’m not exactly sure how you think the media wants to “blackmail Bali.” But I can say that we chose to post this warning because it is important for tourists to take a moment to think about the potential risks of getting a tattoo at home and abroad. As we mentioned in our post, we also recently met a tourist who had a severe infection from a tattoo done in Bali and we have met several others who have had issues from tattoos and body piercings done in Southeast Asia. It is very clear from our time in Indonesia that the government does not enforce hygienic standards in the same way that most Western countries do. Many tourists recognize this fact and understand how this relates to food and drinks, but seldom consider the implications for those getting tattoos.

  2. avatar Ronn Garton says:

    I, for one, will not be tatooed in Bali or in Bakersfield. Enough said!

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