Avis Island 360 View

We spent the day on tiny Avis island snorkeling the coral gardens and floating on our backs in the crystal clear waters. Giant clams, banded sea snakes, technicolor lobsters, cubist trigger fish, and incredibly delicate bonsai style coral in the meter deep expanses of water.

To share this perfect experience, I made a 360 view of the islet from out in the water. For perspective, you can see Thomas sitting on the shore. As you spin around, notice the storms forming in the distance. We certainly noticed them that afternoon.

The clarity of the water is somewhat obscured by how the ripples are rendered during the stitching of the images for the 360.

2 responses to “Avis Island 360 View”

  1. avatar laurelle says:

    Is anyone else failing to view this? I get the Quicktime logo on a blank screen, but no picture. Please reply – Laurelle –

  2. avatar Thomas says:

    Thanks, Laurelle. We’ll try to fix it!

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