Andaman Islands

By Tony – India 2008

Hidden in the turquoise stretches of the Bay of Bengal a thousand kilometers from mainland India, the jungle-covered Andaman Islands sparkle like forest-green emeralds in the crown of the magnificent Indian Ocean. Ribbons of white sand slip into glass-clear waters backed with spectacular coral reefs. Tide pools teaming with crabs give way to mangroves full of mudskippers.

This is India’s version of the Galapagos. Fragile and fabulous, endangered and enchanting, the Andamans provoke visitors with profound questions of their own impact on nature’s surviving treasures.

4 responses to “Andaman Islands”

  1. avatar Gaurav Khanna says:

    Lovely blog…Had been to Neil Island last year it is just the most amazing place with Beach No. 1 being my favorite for obvious reasons….Although, I understand your views of finding a ticket on Havelock Island would have been a nightmare mainly because of the commercialization of the Havelock island, But it would have been more interesting if you would have also mentioned the same about how easy the same was on the Neil Island…

    Anyways…Keep Traveling & Keep Posting…

    Gaurav Khanna

    • avatar Tony says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      We were in Havelock and Neil in 2009. At that time, getting a ticket from Havelock to Neil was not difficult due to commercialization, getting a ticket was difficult due to corruption and intentional inefficiency. Havelock officials were making it as difficult as possible for foreigners to get to Neil because they were worried about the increasing popularity of the island, and they didn’t want the competition. Locals on Neil were quite aware of the situation and were quite frustrated because they wanted the tourist dollars. Getting off Neil was equally chaotic – unless you just happened to be lucky, which we were.

      The situation was much easier for Indians. If the situation has improved for foreigners, I am happy to hear it. Most Indian travelers were HIGHLY unaware of these difficulties and often sauntered on to boats which were blocked to foreigners.

  2. avatar Aaina says:

    you cannot go in a place, that has pristine environments and not much of an infrastructure and expect it to run smoothly like DC (Given the shut down, that ain’t going too well either).
    I have been to Hawaii several times and while I can saunter down and grab a mocha from Starbucks anywhere there. I’d rather experience a remote, crazy, place and have a hot cuppa chai, but thats just me!

    • avatar Tony says:

      I think you need to read that previous comment again, Aaina. You clearly didn’t understand it.

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