Ancient Angkor

By Tony – Cambodia 2010

Light breaks through the jungle canopy to illuminate ancient carvings covered in wet moss. A bird call echoes through a stone corridor as a guardian monkey leaps into your path challenging your approach into the world of Angkor. A mysterious monk in orange robes appears on a ledge and stares into your eyes. Suddenly, he’s gone. Stone faces encircle you and scream out from the past warning that your moment of tranquility is coming to an end. Suddenly, a screeching megaphone cuts the silence as an army of 25 people dressed in Hawaiian shirts and short-shorts march by. The onslaught fades into a distant chamber and the beautiful serenity of Angkor slowly reemerges.

4 responses to “Ancient Angkor”

  1. Beautiful pictorial. Personally, I think the monks and monkeys are all part of a Khmer conspiracy designed to freak out the tourists. And the monkey soldiers? Brings to mind the flying monkey scene in Wizard of Oz that always scares the beJesus out of me. Be afraid; be very afraid.

  2. avatar Puxesaco says:

    Sounds like a whole lotta monkey business to me……

  3. avatar Riana Mulder says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures! What an adventure: you guys are living the life others are dreaming about. Good luck!

  4. avatar Greg Goodman says:

    Love these photos. Really a great and quick overview of one of my favorite places on earth!

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