An Option For Smokers Who Travel Regularly

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While it’s not an issue that is discussed all that often, travel is a challenge for smokers. Most major airlines and train routes around the world have banned smoking outright, and more and more countries have cracked down on public smoking in the last two decades as well. And beyond existing restrictions, NPR has suggested that New Zealand’s smoking ban for future generations could wind up being a sort of new international model.

Meanwhile, some popular alternatives are also difficult: Vapes are being restricted as heavily as cigarettes in some cases (notably in much of the U.S.), and smokeless tobacco products are messy, and can affect those around you by giving off unpleasant odors. These issues make it all the more difficult for people with smoking habits to cope while traveling; some of the most obvious alternatives are now poor options as well.

As a result of all of this, nicotine pouches have begun to emerge as suitable options for travelers, as they can provide users with nicotine on the go and are not subject to many rules or restrictions. Pouches are primarily viewed as potential tools for helping people quit smoking altogether because they can satisfy nicotine cravings without the need for tobacco –– smoked or chewed. This makes them useful for travel as well. And while a nicotine patch has long been an option for smokers who just need that nicotine hit, it doesn’t address a smoker’s habit of having something to physically do. Using a pouch is, in some respects, an alternative to both smokeless tobacco and patches: It addresses those cravings and gives the user (and the mouth) something to do in lieu of the standard habit of smoking.

Nicotine pouches are also simple for travelers to use. They typically come in small tins, and simply need to be pulled out and placed in the mouth, between the upper lip and the gums. Immediately, they begin to release nicotine (as well as flavor for those who want it) such that they can satisfy cravings and provide a pleasant taste. For those who do opt for flavor, there are coffee mint, cinnamon, and more options available –– certainly a far cry from the unpleasant stench of tobacco. And perhaps best of all, pouches provide these benefits with discretion. Even when travelers do find places they’re allowed to smoke, they are often self-conscious these days of others staring and commenting. Using a pouch (or in this case any nicotine replacement product) to satisfy cravings removes that issue from the equation.

Another reason pouches are being looked at as suitable solutions for travelers is that they’re easy to dispose of. The online pouch resource Prilla notes specifically that pouches are safer than other nicotine products (including cigarettes) to throw away. It also recommends that users save empty tins to make disposal that much easier, providing a simple, compact container where used pouches can be kept until there’s an opportunity to dispose of them responsibly. This is an especially helpful tip for travelers, who may be in areas where trash disposal doesn’t always work the way they’re used to.

It is also worth noting that these points are not merely theoretical. Rather, pouches do seem to be emerging as preferred nicotine replacement alternatives for smokers. Recent research has cited brands like Zyn and On!, among others, as having products that are catching on and scoring favorably with consumers. Though the pouch market is still somewhat new, some 29% of smokers have already heard of them, and many are interested in trying them –– particularly among younger demographics. That’s fairly encouraging for a market that is very much still in its nascent stage. And it likely means that these products will only continue to become more available, both to travelers and to smokers in general.

Considering all of the above, it’s fair to suggest that nicotine pouches could be game changers for travelers who smoke. They are discreet, disposable, and able to both satisfy cravings and replace smoking habits. And they may just stop smokers from facing so many disadvantages while traveling.

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