7.8 Earthquake in Western Sichuan

I was sitting here in Rajasthan watching “Desperate Housewives” repeats on television when the news cut in and announced that there had been a 7.8 earthquake in western Sichuan in the very area we traveled through last September. This is an area that means a great deal to us, and we made many friends during our time there.

After the traumatic conflicts between the ethnic Tibetans and the government, the area is now being challenged by this catastrophic natural event. We hope that our friends in Sichuan are safe. To help our readers better understand this area and its people, we have linked into a small collection of postings on the region. Just click on the thumbnails above, to read the posting.

One response to “7.8 Earthquake in Western Sichuan”

  1. avatar greeneyes says:

    How very thoughtful of you to make this dedication today.

    I feel so sad for the victims of this tragic event.

    I do hope your friends you made in this region are safe

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