6 Walking Holiday Destinations with Amazing Scenery

Hiking in Morocco

There really isn’t a better way to truly realize the beauty of a place than by actually feeling its ground under your feet, letting the hills and valleys take a toll on your legs, and letting the sunshine bounce off your skin. Now walking is certainly not the preferred mode of travelling for most people, but in these six walking holiday destinations – all of which offer amazing sceneries – it certainly is the best option.


Holidays in Morocco are a treat especially for travellers who explore the Middle Atlas Mountains area by foot. Easily accessible from Marrakech, the heavily forested slopes of the Middle Atlas Mountains are relatively unexplored. The Berber settlements and communities along the path are beautiful, and of course the renowned waterfalls of Cascades Ouzoud are in that area as well. What makes this region ideal for walking is the cool mountain air – a total contrast to the warm inland of Morocco.

New Zealand

With so many walking and trekking opportunities ideal for hikers of all levels, New Zealand is THE destination for outdoor lovers. New Zealand’s nine renowned ‘Great Walks’ present some of the nation’s most remarkable scenery. They include volcanic landscapes, fjords and glaciers, rolling hills and spiky mountains on both the North and South Island of New Zealand. For other fun activities, here are some ideas of other great things to do in New Zealand.

Hiking in New Zealand


The cheerful blue skies and the raging white townships of Moorish Spain make walking through the country the best way to explore its natural beauty. Be it the lower hills of the snowy Sierra Nevada or the tranquil regions of Andalusia’s Granada, there are a lot of incredible yet reachable landscapes on offer. Exploring the Alpujarras region by foot is one of the most beautiful experiences travellers can have. The island of Mallorca is also great for walking and is especially good if you are travelling with children.


Be it a casual hike along the ancient highways of central Japan or a trek along the Japanese Alps, the magnificent scenery and almost forgotten sites are best explored on foot. The Pilgrim’s Path is ideal for self-guided walks along the Kumano Kodo, a series of ancient pilgrimage routes that traverse Japan’s main island Honshu. These beautifully diverse walkways, once used by noblemen and rulers, lead through peaceful cedar woods. When planning your Japan holiday, it is certainly worth planning in some extra time to explore the amazing scenery here.

Hiking in Japan

Basque Country

The Basque Country in the western Pyrenees is famous for its hiking opportunities along the French-Spanish border. Experiencing the captivating Basque culture and the gorgeous sceneries from both the French and Spanish perspectives is done best when exploring this wonderful area on foot. Once travellers reach Bilbao (by plane), they can go to Ascain, an archetypal French Basque town at the bottom of the Pyrenees. From there, many mountain walking trails lead into the surrounding area.


The legends that surround the nation of Norway can best be savoured on foot. Be it the nation’s UNESCO-protected fjord landscapes or the famous mountain sceneries, travellers can start their expedition on foot between Bergen and Voss. This region which is set right in the heart of the highlands offers plenty of lakes, rivers and waterfalls along the way. Walking and exploring these places is the key to learning about Norwegian culture and this stunning Scandinavian landscape.

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