The Azulejos of Portugal

Lisbon Azulejos

The first thing we noticed as we were driving into Lisbon from the airport was the azulejos, the tiles. The Portuguese seem to have plastered every surface available with some sort of elaborate tilework. They decorate apartment buildings and business fronts. They line train stations, churches, malls and metro stops. Along with egg tarts, gorgeous cobblestones, explorers and fado music, they serve as symbols of the Portuguese culture. Tiles, tiles, tiles.

From the spectacular 16th-century grape-leaf tiles lining the bedchamber of King Sebastian in the Palacio Nacional de Sintra to the comic book-inspired tiles decorating the Oriente metro station, these not-so-small works of art seem to capture every element of Portuguese life. Two of the weirder depictions we spotted were one man getting an Continue…

Happy Birthday Tony!

Tony's birthday!

Happy 46th birthday, Tony! This year, I can give you the biggest gift of all. You’ve had the immense pleasure of spending half of your life with me. You’re welcome!