Ancient Souk in Aleppo on Fire

The fighting in Syria has just hit the world famous souk of Aleppo. As seen in the older video above, the stunning souk is the heart and soul of the city’s historic center, which as a whole has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Amateur video uploaded to Youtube shows fires raging in the souk. Sources inside Syria suggest the fires have already been burning for over half a day. This was one of the most atmospheric sites in the Middle East and, personally, one of our favorite locations.

TnT Named Among Best Travel Blogger Couples

We have been included in Easyjet’s list of Best Travel Blogger Couples. Apparently, this list was published months back but it just recently came to our attention. So are we just the token gay couple? Is this just a shameless attempt to get us to link back to them?

Who cares?

We love the fact that they included us in the list as well as Globetrotter Girls. That dedication to diversity definitely merits a link and a little attention. Thanks Easyjet!

Berlin, Antarctica

Thomas and I have always dreamt of going to stunning Antarctica, the holy grail for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers everywhere. And now thanks to Apple’s rather controversial new map application, we have.

Somehow, Apple’s digital cartographers seem to have placed Berlin at the heart of the ice continent. While I’ll admit the temperatures seem to be dropping around here, they are nowhere near -50 C. Just to be sure, I wandered the streets this morning hunting for penguins and sea lions, but none were to be found. Bummer.

Moral of the story: If you are using your new iPhone 5 to find the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag, they’re not in the Southern Hemisphere.

Flashback: Egypt 1994

In a time of great tension, we thought we would flash back to 1994, a somewhat less volatile period when Thomas and I spent two and a half months in Egypt. It’s an amazing country with an unparalleled history; we desperately hope it remains open and accessible to outsiders. If the pictures look old, that’s because they are from the last millennium. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lash from

We’ve never met face to face (not yet), but Lash from is a kindred spirit and fellow nomadic blogger who lives to travel just like we do.ย She’s independent, adventurous, and seriously upbeat. Lash has also had some very interesting experiences out on the road, including a stint working with the crew of the TV show Survivor. We decided to interview her to hear about some of those adventures, get some advice on travel, and find out about how this contemporary nomad handles the challenges of life on the road.

Q: Your world travels began when you moved to Japan in 1991. After 6 years in Japan, you decided to go nomadic. What led you to take the leap? And how have you made a living while on the road?

A: Actually, that’s not quite the way it happened, truth be told. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had decided to travel the world before I left for Japan. My move to Kyoto was part of my bigger plan to travel the world for as long as possible. I moved to Kyoto specifically to save money for that.

I thought it Continue…

Happy Birthday Thomas

Happy birthday!!! It’s your 29th birthday for the 14th year in a row. If anyone sees any similarities with Joan Rivers, that’s purely coincidental. What you see in this picture is 100% all-natural Thomas. (Everyone pretend you’re surprised.)

And guess how Thomas wants to celebrate his first birthday in Europe after half a decade in Asia. That’s right, we’re going to Mirchi, a Singaporean restaurant, for dinner. Go figure!

Flanders, Belgium

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious from the past month’s posts that I have become a pretty huge fan of Flanders. In reality, my trip to Belgium couldn’t have happened at a better time. I was a little sad about leaving Asia, and Flanders really brought the message home that Europe offers a very different, yet equally rewarding opportunity for exploration and discovery. Flanders was such an impressive destination that I thought it deserved a video. If all the towns seem almost implausibly beautiful, I’m afraid that’s just Flanders.

On a completely unrelated side note, I started laughing when I uploaded this to Youtube and discovered that our last destination video was on Sumba. Somehow, the contrast between tribal Sumba and fairy tale Flanders seemed funny to me. Can a person experience multimedia culture shock?