Back to KL

After only a couple of months in Indonesia, we have temporarily left the country. As much as we want our lives to be a continuation of jungle trekking and sea adventures, the harsh reality of living in the third world can quickly put a stop to that.

The expiration of our tourist visas coupled with a series of national holidays, which kept the nearest immigration office closed for a solid week, was our main motivation for flying back to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. In addition, Tony is in serious need of a health check-up for persistent stomach issues, and I need to find a replacement camera after my Canon G12 died in a diving accident.

If that weren’t motivation enough to go back to KL, we were starving for Chocolate Indulgence, our favorite chocolate cake at Secret Recipe. With a daily dose of chocolatey, creamy goodness waiting for us, our little travel “set-back” suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

Celebrating my 100th Dive… BIG TIME!!!

Nope, we didn’t come here to find a hammerhead; that’s just some serious icing on the scuba cake in the lead up to what just might be the best 100th dive ever.

When we arrived here on Nusa Lembongan, I had 94 dives under my weight belt. Plunging into the shockingly icy currents for my 95th dive, I had my blue fingers crossed hoping to see one of the rarest and most bizarre underwater animals around. Adrenaline pumping, it was hard to focus on the stunning coral formations that still survive here in the protectively chilly waters. (Nusa Lembongan has largely been spared from the destructive hot water currents that have devastated coral growth in much of Southeast Asia.)

Heading out along the coral encrusted slopes of Crystal Bay, my Swiss dive guide Debbie suddenly screamed Continue…