TnT’s Penang Food Recommendations

Thomas Holding a Bundle of Ketupat

In 2009, Penang was voted one of the New York Time’s Places to Go primarily due to its amazing cuisine. Superb Chinese, Indian, Malay and Nyonya cuisine make Penang a place to eat, eat, eat. Ken’s family knows the ropes when it comes to food and we have benefited big time from their years of experience and culinary expertise.

While not everyone will be able to find steamed stingray with ginger or fried mantis shrimp on the menu, most serious travelers will be able to locate our recommended specialties below. Continue…

Ken’s Flower-Eating Fish

We’ve tracked tigers, done the holy kora around Mt. Kailash, swum with whale sharks, and visited the Taj Mahal. But seriously, people, one of the greatest things we’ve discovered in our travel careers is Ken’s flower-eating pet fish.

In 1982, Ken (Fatt) caught the fish, a giant gourami, and put it into a small pool in his family’s garden. Bizarrely, the fish, which the family has creatively named “Fish”, seems to be thriving in the pool and has adapted to the family’s presence – it even eats flowers right out of your hand. Honestly, Fish seems much more like a puppy dog to me. How cool is that?

Also, notice our first HD video. Finally high definition has come to

Food and Family

Because we travel constantly and life is one continuous string of new experiences, it would be easy for visitors to our site to dismiss our stay here in Penang as yet another stop on the traveler’s trail. It is not.

Penang is a vastly more personal experience for us because we are meeting our Malaysian family, the family of my stepfather Ken, for the first time. For years, we have heard stories about Ken’s mom, Jimmy, Ken, Mei Ling, David and Stephen and their respective families. Getting to know the people behind these names is unquestionably a highlight of our travels so far. They have greeted us with open arms and more food than anyone could ever possibly eat in a lifetime. Oh my god, people, you’ve never seen so much food!!!

We ate and ate and talked, and then we had a snack before we went to dinner. After dessert, we stopped to try a local specialty. The next day, we ate and ate some more. I have literally never eaten so much food in my life – and I have loved every bite. In Chinese culture, food is Continue…