Taking to the Streets

Before coming to Hue, we had heard that the city was the perfect place to partake in imperial-style banquets featuring a range of specialty foods linked to the city’s regal heritage. We were eager to splash out on one of these royal feasts in the name of “research,” but once we started talking to locals and looking around at the offerings, we began to question whether these banquets were really high-priced tourist buffets in disguise.

So in an act of culinary resistance, we took to the streets, walking and biking for hours trying to figure out where the food was. Much of Hue cuisine seemed to be second rate food geared towards tourists. And then, while biking around the backstreets near the eastern walls of the Citadel, something rather fortunate happened Continue…

Monsoon Tour

What do you do when the rain just won’t stop? Well, our answer was to throw on our rain ponchos and just keep going. Turns out, the rain gods didn’t like us challenging them like that, so they decided to put us in our place.

We biked way out to the royal tomb of Tu Doc – and we were rewarded with a torrential downpour. The tomb’s staircases actually started to look like waterfalls. Maybe Tu Doc means Noah in Vietnamese.

We biked out to the Thien Mu pagoda – and suprise, surprise – it Continue…