Sometimes, You Just Have to Yell

Thomas and I have the good-cop/bad-cop act down to a fine art. Sometimes, I don’t even realize that I am doing it, it has become so automatic. Of course, as many of you might suspect, I generally play the role of bad cop.

You might remember that we recently lost our underwater camera while we were diving in Sabang, Mindoro. Shortly thereafter, we purchased a replacement water-resistant snorkeling camera (Canon D10) to allow us to capture some of the underwater treasures in Palawan and beyond. Well, as luck would have it, our new camera started leaking after less than a month. Damn.

Luckily, we had the foresight to purchase our new Canon D10 camera from a reliable chain which supposedly had great customer service and support. The store assured us that all repairs or returns would be painless. So when we approached the store and they informed us that the camera would be “repaired” within EIGHT weeks, I Continue…

Another Kind of Overnight Ferry

When we realized out best option to travel from Iloilo to Cebu City was a 14-hour overnight ferry, I cringed. As you might remember, our last ferry trip here left a lot to be desired.

It turns out that there is an entirely different ferry experience to be had in the Philippines. Cokaliong Shipping Lines was offering a two-person suite with in-cabin bathroom, TV, and aircon – all for an incredible 2200 Pesos! Are you serious? $48 to travel halfway across the Visayas in an air-conditioned suite!!! I didn’t have to think twice about that.

Love, exciting and new,
Come aboard.
We’re expecting you.
Love, life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow,
it floats back to you…

OK, so it may not quite be the Love Boat, but it’s light-years beyond our old slave ship to El Nido. Continue…

Free Phone Calls to USA and Canada

Gmail has just upgraded US-based Gmail accounts to allow people to make free calls to phones in the United States and Canada.

This is different from Skype and Gmail Voice Chat because Gmail users can call telephones for free, not just other computers. Although Skype’s fantastic Skype-In feature has provided a similar service for years, a small per-minute charge has always been required.

So, will Gmail calls stay free forever? Probably not, as there is a small line of text stating “free in 2010.” Well, enjoy them while they last. Everyone else certainly is. Apparently, over a million free calls were made in the first 24 hours!

Boracay – Fantasy vs. Reality

From CNN to the New York Times to Yahoo, Boracay is consistently named among the world’s top beach destinations. Twice Boracay has been dubbed the best beach destination in the world by Conde Nast. Top 10 Beach lists across the globe regularly feature the powder sands of Boracay, the Philippines’ pride and joy. But for experienced travelers, all that attention might send up some warning flags. Could any destination hold up to that much marketing hype?

There is truth to the fantasy of Boracay Continue…

10 Commandments on the Beach

Just in case you forget the 10 Commandments while you’re sipping mango margaritas on the beach in Boracay, there is a huge cement copy of them right near Station 1. We wouldn’t want Yhvh/Yahveh to see you having too much fun! Interview

No, we are not suddenly back in Namibia. is running an interview with us at the moment. In the interview, we discuss our back-story, Dr. Lisa Nunn’s documentary on our lives “Excluded”,  our long history of travel, and who is actually the better scuba diver.

TnT with Himba tribe near Opuwo, Namibia in 1995

1. On your blog’s home page, it states: “In 2007, Tony and Thomas decided to quit their jobs, leave the security of sedentary life behind, and travel the globe full time.” The three of us know there is a more important back-story. Was this the main reason why you decided to travel?

What we say on our blog is >> Continue reading the interview at >>

$18 a Night

If you are visiting Boracay and don’t want to pay a lot, you don’t have to spend half a month’s budget on a night in a luxury hotel. There are plenty of other options – especially during low season. After some searching, we discovered the Sulu House, a palm-thatched treasure tucked away in a quiet alley just off White Beach.

Clearly, Sulu House is not quite as polished as the Presidential Suite at the Asya Premier, but it has everything we need. From a kitchen, sitting area and bathroom to a veranda, cable TV and air-conditioning, what else could we possibly want? The house even Continue…

$600 a Night

Although we don’t regularly stay in super high-end hotels (or never to be precise), I always like to check them out to see what they could possibly offer to make my imaginary stay worth the money. And I think I just found a winner. The newest addition to Boracay’s luxury resorts, the Asya Premier, boasts the biggest bathrooms I have ever seen. Of course, this alone did not convince me. Only after the concierge pointed out that the giant bathroom doubles as an extra bedroom for larger families, was I completely sold. Now this is pure luxury when you are able to stand on your bed and aim for the toilet (for guys that is). 🙂


The Wet Market

Without sampling Boracay’s delicious seafood, the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters would only be half the fun. For budget-conscious travelers, the word “seafood” might ring an alarm bell – and for good reason. Seafood prices here can be exorbitant. Luckily, upon exploring the busy D’Talipapa market area, we discovered an exciting alternative to the overpriced seafood restaurants and the underwhelming all-you-can-eat buffets along the beach: the Wet Market.

Appropriately called so for its water-filled buckets and dripping ice chips, this local seafood market is perfectly located amidst several small cooking services. These establishments, set up with tables and chairs and serviced by smiling waiters, are run like regular restaurants with only one small difference: customers need to Continue…