Troubling Visitors

Don't Strip Down

What’s up with the tourists here in Laos? The country is a magnet for drinkers and drug addicts. The party crowd plows their way across the country in a wave of destructive cluelessness. Why? Why come to Laos to party? Is there something I’m missing? Stick to Fort Lauderdale or Ibiza.

In response to this wave of numbskulls, Laos has begun to plead for better behavior. Here are some of the amusing/sad announcements we’ve seen in hotels and restaurants around the country. Continue…

Morning Alms in Luang Prabang

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995, the town of Luang Prabang is not only known for its fusion of Lao and French colonial architecture but also for its many Buddhist temples. Most visitors come here to relax and soak up the atmosphere while enjoying a cold Lao beer and a warm French baguette. But the real attraction starts much earlier in the day.

As early as 6 AM, hundreds of Buddhist monks and novices leave their wats and pour into the streets of the historic temple district to collect their morning alms. The colorful procession only lasts for an hour. By 7 AM, when all the alms bowls are filled, the monks disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Homage to Beverly

Our six weeks together flew by at lightning speed. But, alas, Beverly left us in Luang Prabang as previous commitments called her away. We miss you Beverly!!! (The pictures above should be viewed while humming the theme song to “The Way we Were.”)

Like the corners of my mind,
Misty water-colored memories,
Of the way we were…

Tony is the Hero of Sweden


Some sneaky Swedish film maker friends of ours thought it would be funny to use Tony’s picture in a Swedish television commercial. Unfortunately, the video is no longer available.