Life on Sukhumvit Soi 4

Bangkok Apartment

Now, we know that many of you worry about us “suffering” on the travelers’ trail. Perhaps, you fear that we are wasting away in a nightmarish, insect-infested hotel-shack. We’ve definitely been there. While true adventure travel will necessitate some of that “suffering,” well-planned budget travel can be far more comfortable than you might imagine.

Knowing in advance that we wanted to spend some time in Bangkok, we decided to rent an apartment. A look at Craig’s List, some quick calls, a day’s worth of searching, and some last-minute negotiating landed us a nice little apartment in Sukhumvit Soi 4. Those of you who know Bangkok might be screaming in horror, “Isn’t that Continue…

Loy Krathong Festival

For the last couple of nights, Tony and I have been celebrating our first Buddhist festival in Thailand – the annual Loy Krathong Festival.

When we left to take the bus to the fair grounds at the Rama VIII Bridge, we expected to find a small crowd celebrating this full moon festival. But when we got stuck in traffic miles from our destination, we realized that this was going to be one SERIOUS bash. Tired of sitting in gridlock, we spent the next 45 minutes walking across the city in a river of people all moving towards the party.

In the video, keep an eye out for the krathongs, the traditional banana leaf rafts decorated with flowers and candles, which are offered to the water goddess in exchange for a new start in life.