Dig that Funky Beach Vibe

One of the joys of India is the collection of spaced-out, nirvana-seeking, retro-hippy, Hindu/Buddhist wannabe, looking-for-the-meaning-of-life characters that pop up everywhere. When we saw these two meditating on the beach in Gokarna, we knew that they needed to be on our blog.

Goa – Quest for the Perfect Beach

Many old-timers lament the fact that the Goa they once loved is gone. The beaches have fallen victim to ugly resorts and careless over-development. Along large stretches of the coast, they are right. But in our quest for the perfect Goan beach, I think we’ve proven that a few remnants of paradise still exist. You just have to look a little harder.

Mumbai Follow-Up

It’s been three weeks since we left Mumbai. There has been a lot to process since then.

We have had many people ask us questions about the event, so we decided to answer them here on the blog.

The Taj Mahal Hotel shortly after the terror attack

How are you both doing now?

If you had asked us this immediately following the attack, our answer would have been that we were both fine, but that answer wouldn’t have been totally true.

On our first day out in the streets of Mumbai after the siege, a truck drove over a loose manhole cover making an extremely loud banging sound. Thomas and I found ourselves dropping to the ground out of reflex. We laughed in embarrassment as we both stood back up straight, but the implications of our reaction were rather disturbing. Continue…