Beverly and

Our good friend Beverly Gallagher recently took the plunge and went Nomadic. As we love to feature fellow Contemporary Nomads, we asked her to share a little about her adventures, and tell us about her new blog

What motivated you to pick up, take off, and start over abroad? Are you running from the law?

Well, if I’m running from anything, it’d be monotony!

Mapping out a new environment is a constant stimulant that presents opportunities to test your personal limits, and therefore allows you to grow. I want to be someone who is always learning whether that be taking a Bollywood dance class, a creative writing course, or trying to figure out why the heck…

Where are you now, and what have you been doing since you left the US?

I’m living in San José, Costa Rica right now. I’m working as a freelance writer and I’m also back to what I’ve done, and loved, for many years around the world – teaching English as a Foreign Language. Another reason I moved abroad again is because I don’t have to work as many hours to make a decent living. Teaching gives me plenty of time to travel and to focus on writing Continue…

Fortified Living

Have you ever stayed in a stone tower in a huge medieval desert fort? No? Well, neither had we until we found this stunning room within the city walls of Jaisalmer’s fortress. Located inside a bastion atop the massive sandstone walls, our room has a 180-degree view of the surrounding town and the Thar desert streching out beyond – all for $10 a night! It’s a fairytale come true.

It wasn’t an easy choice, though. We were confronted with an important ethical decision Continue…

100 of the World’s Most Endangered Monuments

Jaisalmer Fort in Danger

The 900-year-old Jaisalmer Fort is a stunning piece of Indian desert architecture. As I mentioned in the pictorial, it is THE desert dream – almost a cliche – a medieval sandstone masterpiece of narrow, twisting alleyways, havelis, palaces and temples surrounded by massive walls with 99 bastions. What’s more, it’s India’s last living fort, a quarter of Jaisalmer’s population lives within the fort itself. I’ve never seen anything like it in Asia, the Middle East or North Africa. But this magnificent piece of history is in serious danger of collapse Continue…

Blasts in Jaipur

Our email inboxes were filling up with “Are you Ok?” emails after the bomb blasts in Jaipur. We are both fine, we were nowhere near Jaipur. Although it is rather eerie to see the debris in areas that we were walking through just a few weeks ago.

The old city of Jaipur is filled with people selling things and going about their business – it’s constantly crowded, so the idea of blasts going off there is horrible. Evidently, the Hanuman Temple complex was also targeted, which adds enormously to the ever present tensions between Muslims and Hindus.

7.8 Earthquake in Western Sichuan

I was sitting here in Rajasthan watching “Desperate Housewives” repeats on television when the news cut in and announced that there had been a 7.8 earthquake in western Sichuan in the very area we traveled through last September. This is an area that means a great deal to us, and we made many friends during our time there.

After the traumatic conflicts between the ethnic Tibetans and the government, the area is now being challenged by this catastrophic natural event. We hope that our friends in Sichuan are safe. To help our readers better understand this area and its people, we have linked into a small collection of postings on the region. Just click on the thumbnails above, to read the posting.