Tropical Bar

Thomas in Agra

Thomas and I were enjoying drinks at a roof-top restaurant in Agra when I noticed some beautiful building in the background. What is that back there?

Love That Mosquito Net

Thomas Checking Out Net

Tony snapped this alien-looking photo of me checking out the inside of my mosquito net. There’s nothing worse than a trapped mosquito that goes berserk in the middle of the night – but, luckily, that’s the exception.

I’m surprised to see how many people travel without one of those handy nets. Malaria risk aside, I couldn’t even attempt to sleep with those little suckers buzzing around my Continue…

Sunrise Over Gwalior

Gwalior Fort East Side

As mentioned before, I have a rather bizarre love of city walls and fortresses (see my bio). Thus, I have been dragging Thomas from fortification to fortification in the Bundelkhand region, an absolute goldmine for people who love ancient defensive structures.

The jewel of Bundelkhand is the Rajput-era Gwalior Fort built in 1516 with its Man Singh Palace. Of course, we were up at the crack of dawn to beat Continue…

20 Rupee Thali

Fancy Plate of Thali

India is great. It has dirt-cheap food and it’s tasty too! I know, my feelings about India are all over the place, but this is a real love-hate relationship. Today I love it. Whenever it comes to food, I can look past everything that annoys the hell out of me such as the noise pollution, excessive spitting, or Continue…


Thomas in Front of Palace, Orchha

Orchha, a tranquil town of 8,500 in northern Madhya Pradesh, is one of my favorite places so far. It is small enough to comfortably walk around without having to take a rickshaw, but has enough tourists to provide an infrastructure of Internet cafes and cozy restaurants. Oh no, this time it’s not all about food Continue…

Hey, Hey, Hey… It’s Fat Albert!

Fat Albert Sign

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you find yourself strolling through a rural Indian village and happen upon… the Fat Albert Kaffee. What the hell ?!?! The world never ceases to crack me up.

Actually, it brings to mind a rather bizarre discovery here in India Continue…

Friends Arrested in Sichuan!

In October last year, I was raving about our stay in Dargye Gompa, a beautiful and serene monastery in Sichuan, China. We spent several days there with three monks and a wonderful, small group of travelers, French Thomas, Fredy the Nomad, and Rachel.

French Thomas just left a comment on our blog that monks from Dargye Gompa have been arrested while protesting for their freedom, and he left a link with photos from an online source.

This is terrible news, and we hope the Chinese government will end this nonsense and release our friends.