Himalayan Coral

Himalayan Flora

Expecting nothing but barren rock in the harsh climate of the high Himalayas above 5500 meters (18,150 ft), I was surprised to find a flourishing plant life. Although stunted and not at all obvious at first sight, a closer look revealed a colorful myriad of plants clinging to the weather-beaten boulders. The clustering and unusual shapes and textures of these plants reminded me a lot of the multi-colored coral reefs of the Red Sea – just on a much smaller scale and, of course, in a much drier environment.

I was so thrilled with the plant life, I put together a pictorial called Himalayan Coral. It is difficult to get my hands on a plant guide and so I have no idea what these plants are called. If any of you recognizes them and has a name for them, please let us know.

Mountaineer Memorials

Memorial Cairn to Scott Fischer

What an amazing feat it must be to have summited the highest mountain in the world and lived to tell the tale. However, the large number of memorials in the Khumbu region bears witness to how many people have not come back to share their stories but perished in their attempt to climb Everest.

Among the memorial cairns along the trail to Gorak Shep, we came across one dedicated to Scott Fischer who, among others, died in the Continue…