Legend of a Blue Sky

China - Industrial Nightmare

Once upon a time, there must have been a blue sky over southern China, but it’s not there now. For weeks the sky has been this dull gray color, probably a result of humidity and extreme air pollution.

When painting a picture, I do wonder which colors Chinese children choose to represent the sky. Off-white? Mouse-gray? Light brown?

According to numerous news sources, China recently overtook the United States as the number one carbon dioxide polluter. Out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, 16 are in China! No wonder, we are coughing, sneezing and wheezing!

Leshan – Buddha for the Masses

The world famous Buddha at Leshan claims to be the largest in the world. Internet research suggests it is not, but concedes that it is the largest Buddha carved into the side of a cliff.

View Over Leshan Big Buddha - Dafuo

Regardless of its size – it and its associated temples and gardens are spectacular. The Leshan Dafuo (Big Buddha) proved to be more than another check on the list of world monuments, it brought me a bit of travel enlightenment as well.

In my attempt to navigate the sea of commercial nightmares which have appeared in China, we came very close to Continue…

Bamboo Feast

Although we may have been somewhat disappointed with the lack of trails in the Zhuhai bamboo forests, we were VERY pleasantly surprised by the food.

The gracious family who ran the guest house where we stayed went out of their way to make sure we tasted all the local delicacies – a bamboo feast! Dishes included Continue…

Zhuhai – The Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea

Zhuhai Bamboo Forest

If you have seen “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,” you probably remember the beautifully artistic fighting scenes in the bamboo forest. Inspired by the movie, we wanted to go to Zhuhai to see for ourselves. To our surprise, this place was not even mentioned in our guide book and upon entering the park we found out why. Continue…

Chongqing (Chungking)

Chongqing City

After traveling through villages and smaller towns and cities for the last few weeks, we finally made it to Chongqing City, a metropolis of five million people wedged between the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. Continue…

Wo sind die ganzen deutschen Kommentare?

Ich weiss, die Internetseite ist auf Englisch und ueberhaupt….trotz allem habe ich doch auch deutsche Kommentare und Bemerkungen von Seiten meiner Freunde und Familie erwartet.

Was ist los mit euch – kein Interesse, keine Fragen, keine Kommentare?

Where are all the German comments? This is just an appeal to our German friends and family to not swamp this blog with their comments.