Go West!

Moving day! We reserved a station wagon at Hertz but were upgraded to a small truck for the same price. This was great because I suddenly realized how much stuff we still had; anything smaller than a truck would have been useless.

Moving Out

During our six-hour trip south to Ulm, Tony was constantly complaining because I refused to take side trips up some mountain roads to see castles and old walled cities. For crying out loud, we were in a truck! Medieval towns were soon forgotten when my family welcomed us with a huge barbecue.

Leaving the Comforts of Home

The last box is packed and I’m looking around the now empty apartment. I’m going to miss this place which has been our home for the last four years. But I’m not the only one who’s sad – Tony is staring teary-eyed at the empty space where the TV used to be. Wouldn’t it make you weep to leave this comfortable place?

Old Berlin Living Room

More than a Barrier

Most people have no idea how quickly the Berlin Wall is disappearing, and how little of the notorious monument is still standing. More than a relict of 20th century idiocy, “the Wall” has always served as a surreal cement canvas displaying some of Berlin’s best street art.

Berlin Wall Art

Over the past four years, I have been snapping away recording some of my favorite murals. Many murals shown in our collection have already faded, scratched away or covered with graffiti.

Click here to view Berlin Wall Art

Hunters and Gatherers

This morning the hunters and gatherers raided our apartment and pretty much cleaned us out. It’s amazing what people will buy if it’s piled in a heap (something my mother taught me.) It seems that people have a hunting instinct which is satisfied by discovering a hidden treasure. Who knew our old junk was so exciting?

The Countdown Begins

Welcome to ContemporaryNomad.com, everybody. This is the first official post on our blog – a stepping stone to our rather unpredictable, yet very exciting future. The countdown has begun. We have exactly one week to pack up and get ready for our departure from Berlin … and we are nowhere near ready!

My last day of work was Thursday, and Thomas’ was Friday. Solid employment is behind us now as we take the plunge into the unknown. We’re 21st century nomads now – nomads without horses or camels. Instead, we have backpacks and cameras and one seriously overdeveloped love of travel. But don’t worry about us, these nomads use their wits and creativity to survive, we won’t be grazing goats or herding yaks to survive… or will we? Oh my god, what have we gotten ourselves into ?!?