10 Essential Rental Car Safety Tips

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With summer finally here, everyone is getting ready to go on an epic road trip or adventure with their loved ones. But before you can make the most out of this warm weather, you should make sure your rental car is not only up to par with quality and fulfills all your needs and wants in a vehicle, but is an unquestionably safe and reliable car to drive.

Here are ten essential rental car safety tips you should remember when leaving the lot:

Avoid renting a luxury or prestigious car

Burglars are more inclined to steal from a car that is a luxury or prestigious brand rather than a basic one. That’s because a flashy car not only communicates to the world that you can afford an opulent vehicle, but also that you might have expensive and valuable things in it.

Opt for automatic features

A word of caution is to never choose a vehicle without automatic features because you never want to find yourself fumbling for keys in an unfamiliar place or need to lock your car by hand. Always go for the newer rental car models since they are more technologically advanced!

Inspect it before leaving the lot

Give your car a proper inspection: Check that it has a spare tire, the windows are working, and that all features are functioning properly. If you do find any issues, they can be reported, and you can ask to use another vehicle instead. The dealership should be performing regular car maintenance for its vehicles.

Familiarize yourself with the vehicle

Read through the driver’s manual and learn all about your rental car. This way, you’ll be familiar with how the car operates, so you never find yourself struggling to operate a feature in the car during a crucial moment.

Test drive the car around the lot

Besides checking that the car is functional, you need to see if it operates safely and feels comfortable to drive around the lot. The rental company should be more than happy to allow you to do this.

Ask as many questions as you want

You should feel comfortable asking the rental representative as many questions as needed. If they are not willing to give you answers or act shady, you shouldn’t be doing business with them.

Invest in travel and rental car insurance

The most important insurance to invest in for a rental car is collision and damage coverage. If an accident were to happen, the costs would be covered.

Read up on your destination’s travel laws

Every city and country has different travel laws, such as laws concerning speed limits or a pedestrian’s right of way. Educate yourself on your destination’s travel laws so you don’t get pulled over or receive any unexpected tickets!

Choose a car with working air-conditioning

If you’re traveling in a busy city, the air-conditioning in the car should be working, so the windows don’t need to be rolled down. Thieves can easily snatch your personal belongings from an open window while you’re at a stoplight.

Avoid picking up hitchhikers

Never pick up hitchhikers, even if they appear friendly and harmless. The people who flag you down on the side of the road are the ones you should avoid at all costs.

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