360 Panoramic Views

We’ve finally finished converting our 360 panoramic views to Flash. Our collection now includes 20 panoramas, so start spinning your way around Asia. We’ve even added three new views, including: a cave temple at Ajanta in India, Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia, and the Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Myanmar.

Aung San Suu Kyi Released

It appears that Aung San Suu Kyi has been released. On this historic day, we extend our congratulations to all our friends in Myanmar. We hope this time it lasts. You can read about the release here. For those of you, who would like to read our Myanmar postings, visit our Myanmar section.

Snapshots from Myanmar

As we move on, here are a few personal snapshots from the land of gold. We love Myanmar and hope to return to this magical country again soon. There is much, much more to explore!

Tony in Yangon

Myanmar: What a Dollar Can Buy You

Coming to Myanmar, we were very uncertain about how much money we would need. Talks about black market exchange rates, high entrance fees and expensive transportation costs caused us to set our budget way too high. As it turns out, we’ve been spending about half, which is fantastic! To give you an idea about prices […]

Myanmar Pictorial

Myanmar Pictorial

We’ve gotten several emails asking for more photos of Myanmar. Of course, a country as visually stunning as this begs for a full pictorial, so here it is …

Spirulina Beer

Burmese Anti-Aging Beer

Forget Botox, drink yourself younger with beer made of Spirulina algae!

The High Road to Inle Lake

Inle Lake is one of Myanmar’s major tourist attractions. Instead of just taking a bus there, Tony and I did a 3-day hike from the hill station of Kalaw to the tiny town of Inthein. We shared this great experience with four fellow travelers: Matt, Lia and Cathi from the U.S. and Norbert from Germany […]

Paduang Woman

The Paduang Conundrum

The Paduang, sometimes annoyingly referred to as the “long-neck” tribe, are one of the most recognizable ethnic groups in the world. More properly called the Kayah Lahwi (their name for themselves), the Paduang embrace one of the most extreme beautification practices out there. As Paduang women grow, heavy brass coils are added to their necks […]

Bamar Food

Bamar Food

Bamar food surprised me. It is so different, in fact, it almost defies description. Ask any traveler and they would probably make a face and tell you the same. Bamar food is certainly an acquired taste and Tony seems to be the only one raving about it. Photograph by Fanny Farkas A typical meal consists […]

Andaman Islands

Happy New Year’s

To celebrate 2009, we’ve put together a video review of one crazy year which took us to Sri Lanka, India including the Andaman Islands, Thailand, the US, and Myanmar. We’ve covered far more miles than we did in 2008. And stay tuned for more adventures to come in 2010! You need to a flashplayer enabled […]