Carla and Richard

Carla and Richard at Nam Tso Lake, Tibet

Carla and Richard, a Dutch couple from Utrecht, are taking an unpaid leave from their jobs as surgical nurse and IT professional to travel the world for ten months. The amount of time was a compromise of Carla’s 6 months and Richard’s 12 months they had wanted to travel, so, I guess, Richard won.

Their trip started out in Russia where they soon had to face their biggest challenge so far – buying train tickets. What is a straight-forward process in our world, can be quite a nightmare somewhere else. Although Russia has abandoned Communism, there are still remnants of the old system with weird rules and regulations – such as having to show all the train tickets to prove where you’ve been upon leaving the country (luckily, the two were smart enough to keep them or Carla and Richard may have vanished) :)

After taking the train from Moscow to Ulan Bator, they spent 3 weeks traveling around Mongolia. I’m sure, Richard is the first person to have compared the Naadam Festival in Mongolia (his favorite experience so far) to the Queen’s Day in Holland (I could be wrong, maybe all the Dutch would do that). From Mongolia, they continued on to China and Tibet where we met them on our Nam Tso Lake trip. When we asked Carla what site in China had left the biggest impression on her, she half-embarrassed answered the Great Wall. She thought it sounded so typical but she really was very impressed by it.

After Tibet, Carla and Richard are continuing their trip to Nepal, India, Australia, New Zealand, and finally to the Cook Islands before heading back to the Netherlands. Richard wanted to give one good piece of advice to prospective Contemporary Nomads who can’t quite let go of their old lives: “Don’t think about it too much – just go!”

I’m including a couple of links:

Carla’s and Richard’s blog (in Dutch).

Their photo album.

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